Resodor Applications’ speciality is the treatment of industrial odour problems. We sell a series of patented molecules able to destroy odours, and take care of the surrounding engineering. Our process is based on a chemical reaction that destroys the odours without masking or replacing them with another one.

Resodor Applications supply Westrand International SARL products and equipment. These products and equipment are described in this site's pages. Some examples of treatment of unpleasant odours from industrial sources are also available here. For any inquiries, please contact us by email in the "Information Request" section.


Over 20 years of experience and a unique know-how.

A complete range of patented active ingredients neutralizing nasty odours, based on a combination of natural and synthetic essential oils, containing cocktails of aldehydes.

We have developed an important activity for odour control of:

  1. Waste
    • Landfill Sites, Incinerators, Composting, Sludge, Green Waste, Household Waste...
  2. Purification Stations
    • Large and Small Sewage Treatment Plants, Wastewater Networks, Reservoirs...
  3. Industries
    • Paper Mills, Quartering Stations, Petrochemistry, Agro-Food Industries, Breweries, Automotive Industries, Miscellaneous Industries...

Westrand products have no toxic nature and have numerous official tests (biodegradability, non-ocular toxicity, non-cutaneous toxicity, agreement of occupational medicine, ecotoxicity, phytotoxicity...)

Furthermore, we have very many effectiveness tests. The most recent are:

Neutralising and not masking odours

Our molecules combine with sulphate/mercaptans and ammonia/amines odour groups, leading to new and neutral combinations, completely odourless and free of toxicity.